Friday, 6 January 2012

Special K Challenge is not Diet Food

Special K Challenge and Dieting I must say I was nearly seduced by those adverts.  You know the ones, a woman dressed in red, looking good. And it tastes gooood.  Surely this is the answer to all my diet prayers!


Special K is not a diet food.

I suppose the clues are there. Its tastes good, its sweet, its popular. But still those adverts keep saying how great special K is.

I mean - its a processed carbohydrate. Its low in fibre. Its packed with sugar.

But surely the adverts must be true! It must at least be better that simple, dull Corn Flakes.

Then I looked at the calorie content.

A 45g bowl of Special K with a "splash" of milk is 166 calories. What's that equivalent to? Erm, Corn Flakes - which are - wait for it - 167 calories for a 45g bowl. 1 calorie more!

And its not just Corn Flakes that are the same as Special K. Rice Crispies - 171 calories. Crunch Nut 176. Quakers Porridge Oats - 166.  What's going on?

So if I avoid cereals, what else should I have?  Surely not Bacon and Eggs.

How about two delicious poached eggs -  just 148 calories - are rammed with protein. Want some bacon - one slice will set you back just 76 calories. Or a Banana - just 95 calories.

Or maybe just a packet of crisps. Walkers Quavers come in at just 87 calories!

I will concede that there a plenty of breakfasts with more calories than Special K. A Full English cooked breakfast springs to mind.  But, beware before thinking that Special K is the best way to lose those holiday pounds.


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  1. So true, i'm glad someone wrote about this, oats or anything natural is good for breakfast, basically anything not man made.


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