Monday, 2 January 2012

Lazy Foods To Help Lose Weight

There are foods and drinks with no calories. We all know that there are some foods that are kryptonite to a dieter. Whether they be snowball foods like nuts and crisps, or white carb villains like white crusty bread.

The great news is that there are foods that work with you In your fight against fat - think of them as robin to your batman. 

Low / no calorie food and drink

  • Celery - crunchy delights. They say that these burn more calories to eat than they give back. And whilst thats not quite true, its only around 6 calories per stick and we burn around 5 calories every 5 minutes sitting still. So as long as you savour every bite, its calorie neutral. And there are even a fee vitamins tucked in there too.
  • Water - the daddy of diet drinks! Water fills you up, hydrates you which takes away some cravings and seems to act to accelerate fat burning. Make the drinks ice-cold and you burn calories just to warm the drink up. Super lazy.
  • Cauliflower - like celery, its calorie neutral.
  • Spinach - crammed with iron, filling, but calorie neutral!
  • Cucumber - another calorie neutral treat provided its not in a raitha.
  • Diet soda. You will in some places that these drinks are devils in disguise. I dont believe it. If the choice is a sugar stuffed full fat coke or a Diet Coke break, go for the low cal version every time. The experiments to date indicate that people who drink diet drinks compensate by finding more calories elsewhere. My answer to this is, watch out for it and dont do it.
There are other foods too, that aren't calorie neutral that can work wonders. Find out more about these super foods at the excellent


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