Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beware Feeders - Dieters Enemy? - Watch Out!

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Beware the Feeder. There could be one lurking right beside you as you read this. They're everywhere when you are in the midst of a diet.

The Feeder is that friend, loved one or work colleague who just has has that knack of knocking you off the diet-lorry.

Signs that you might be near a feeder

  • Coming home from a great day of dieting, you find a crusty white loaf sitting atop the bread bin.
  • You open the fridge to look for some healthy celery and see a new box of chocolates sitting on the shelf.
  • The TV always seems to be running a Dominos advert when you enter the room.
  • You tell them about your great new diet, and they respond by saying its not possible,  you'll never do, its not worth trying.
  • Reading through the morning newspaper, a pile of local curry house adverts fall out.
  • Your other half praises you for a hard days weight loss, and suggests with all your efforts you've earned a quick trip to KFC.
  • At work, your boss decides that its Donut Day!
Remember, the Feeder will always deny their motives. They will say its not about you, that you are spoiling their fun. They will even accuse you of putting them on a diet. Anything to hide their unconscious motive. To keep you sweaty!

Our loved ones are not always our greatest supporters whilst dieting - even when they have the best will in the world.

What to do if you suspect you have a Feeder in your midst.

  • Involve them in what you are trying to achieve in weight loss - its sometimes tempting to diet in secret. You have more success if those around you know what you are trying to and become supporters.
  • Lay down some ground rules. If you know you can't resist peanuts, agree that your house becomes a peanut free zone. Its better for temptation to be out of harms way. If they're a proper friend, they will rise to your rules. If they must keep Oreo cookies
  • Compete with them. If they could lose a pound or two, why not have a friendly competition. Most weight lost in a week. Most visits to the gym. Everyone loves a bit of competition.
  • Don't listen to their nay-saying. Its amazing how many people will choose to do down your ambitions to lose weight. Laugh when they doubt you. You will show them!
  • Give in - with conditions. Once in a while, agree to the trip to McDonalds or down the pub. When you get there, order the salad, or the chicken or the fish. Do a bit of research in advance of what's good and low calorie. If you really can't control yourself, make a deal with the Feeder, one night at the pub, then one night at the gym.
In a nutshell, Beware the Feeder!

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