Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Want Fast Weight Loss - Keep a Graph

 So,   I've blogged about keeping a DAILY RECORD of your WEIGHT.

Its so important. Even better, turn your record into a graph.

Here's mine over the last 6 months. The RED line was my target weigh loss. The BLUE line is my ACTUAL weight.

Take a moment to study the chart. I dropped from 190 to 155 pounds in three months  - that's 35 pounds weight loss through my diet.

I'd only targeted to drop 10 pounds in that time!

What amazed me most was that losing the weight was so much easier than I'd expected. I had aimed to get down to 160 pounds in 365 days, which seemed like an achievable target. The truth is, I was able to shed many more pounds per week that I'd imagined.

The graph told me every day how I was doing versus my target. I knew my diet was working!

One other thing to note is that after I lost the weight - I kept it off.  Look how flat my weight curve has been since I hit target.  Maintaining the weight loss is as important as keeping it off.

In a Nutshell: Keep a weight-loss graph, and set a benchmark target.

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