Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Innocent Smoothies - not so innocent to dieters

An early lesson in my diet journey is that healthy does not equal good for weight loss.

The Innocent Smoothy is a perfect case study for this.

Is packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals. It hydrates. It tastes great.

But its also FULL of sugar and calories. Sometimes more sugar than a can of coke. And when it comes to losing weight, sugar is sugar is sugar.  It doesn't matter - its all crammed full of calories.

The 1 litre Pineapple, Banana and Coconut, for example, has 730 calories!!  I used to polish one of those off and feel like I'd just leaped off the treatmill.

No more.  If you are on a proper diet - avoid all Smoothies!  Sorry.

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  1. Don't agree, I went on the innocent smoothie diet for 1 week and lost almost a stone! It's the best "crash"

  2. @anonomous. Hi. What did the diet involve?

  3. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this to us and it helped me a lot. Looking forward for the next! GBU


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