Thursday, 29 December 2011

I Lost 7lbs in Weight in 2 Days - No Exercise

You know that feeling. Completely stuffed with Christmas Pudding and Cheesy Bites.

I put on 7lbs through Christmas indulgence. Argh. 7lbs above my target weight of 160 lbs.

I decided to put in an urgent action plan to reverse the swell. Below I detail what I did.

First, it was a bit cold outside so no exercise was allowed (apart from wandering around the house!).

Day 1 - Start of day weight - 167 lbs

  • Immediate starvation for breakfast - only 1 litre of water until 2pm. Zero calories
  • Very light lunch - Subway Salad - Turkey Breast and Ham. No dressing, no cookies. 112 calories
  • Pint of diet coke. I don't drink tea or coffee so this is my route to caffeine. Caffeine has a mixed reputation on diets, but it is a diuretic so is possible that weight will fall through dehydration. So keep other fluids high - water. Zero calories
  • Evening meal - Grilled lean chicken - four pieces - plus a huge bag of salad. Flavoured by a splash of olive oil and plenty of Chicken Piri-Piri seasoning, plus three Walnuts. 200 calories.
  • Wine - Red wine, two generous glasses. Tim Ferriss recommends Red Wine as the least snowball of the alcoholic drinks. You drink it slowly and tend to savour it, plus much less sugar than white wine. - 300 calories.
  • Whisky - small measure. Hey, its Christmas. 100 calories
  • Half litre of water before bed. Zero calories.
  • Total calories - 712 calories.
Day 2 - Start of day weight - 163 lbs
  • Two medium poached eggs. 1.5 minutes in the microwave with a spoon of water - 150 calories.
  • 250ml Grapefruit Juice - Low sugar content - 100 calories
  • Half litre of water. Zero calories.
  • Lunch - Same as yesterday's evening meal - Four pieces of Grilled lean chicken with spinach.
  • Snack - Four Walnuts. 50 calories.
  • Evening meal - Chicken goujouns plus salad -  350 calories.
  • Red Wine and Whisky as yesterday. An alcoholic Groundhog Day.
  • Sleep
  • Total calories - 650 calories
Day 3 - Start of day weight - 160 lbs. Target achieved!

Woohoo. Okay this wasn't feasting like a king, but I didn't suffer too badly!

I'm not saying this will work every time. But it worked this time.

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