Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fruit and Diets - Don't Do it


 Fruit and diets do not go together.

This was one big revelation when I was looking into losing weight.

Don't be deceived by all that fancy marketing. You know the sort of thing.  "Eat 5 pieces of Fruit a Day" and the like.  No, no, no.

Instead - think - in terms of dieting, Food is like a Mars Bar with Vitamins.

And would any self respecting dieter eat a Mars Bar without trepidation and guilt.  No.  So why ignore the calories in fruit - just because they are called Fructose instead of Glucose.  Its still sugar.

 So fruit, fruit juice, smoothies, wine gums, none are a dieter's friend.

Don't believe me? Here's some of the offenders.

400ml of Orange Juice =  yummy = 166 calories.
One Banana = 100 calories.
200 grams of grapes = a healthy handful = 124 calories

So a nice fruit salad breakfast and you've managed to consume calories equivalent to a Mars Bars 448 calories. Wham!

In a nutshell: Fruit is calorific - eat with caution.

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