Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best Fast Food on a Diet - McDonalds, Burger King, Subway?

Quick tip.

If you are trapped on the high street, on a Slow-Carb, Fat Carb, No Carb diet or whatever, which fast food retailer should you choose?

Every time for me... Subway.


Because they have the lowest calorie main meal with meat that I've every found on the High Street. The Turkey Breast Salad.

Just 105 calories!!

With Turkey and all the salad you can shake a lettuce leaf at. Its surprisingly filling. Especially if you include a pile of Jalapenos.

Don't believe me - check out the  Subway calorie counts

Ground rules apply though:
No dressing - liquid fat!
No Cola or Doritos as a side order. (No cookie either)
Don't be afraid to ask for MORE. More salad that is. The Subway guys always oblige.

And, in a weird quirk, the salad actually costs more than a Sub with bread included. No idea why, very disappointing Subway.

Even better news - if you can bare to go veggie, their Veggie Delight is just 52 calories!

What if there's no Subway?

McDonalds - Grilled Chicken Salad with no Bacon is a tempting 115 calories. McDonalds Nutrition info

Burger King - Flame Grilled Chicken salad - 128 calories -    Burger King Nutrition

Anyone got any better ideas?

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