Wednesday, 28 December 2011

5 Weight Loss Tips that Work

1. Work should be your best friend for weight loss

The busier you are the better whilst losing weight.  You burn calories, you have less time to eat. Perfect combination. Watch out for grazing though - don't be so distracted that you forget to control your food intake. No snacking!

2. You can lose several pounds in one day

Okay. After lost of good work you have a blow out. A big night of beer, curry and more beer. You get on the scales and have put on three pounds. No panic. The next day, wake up, eat only lean protein (that's eggs, lean chicken, beef, turkey plus spices), drink lots of water. By the next morning you should have lost two to four pounds.  Just like that!

3. You don't need to exercise to lose weight

Its a myth. And we've all seen that chubby guy pounding the treadmill and wondered whether its really going to do him any good. Exercise is slow, high effort, high demand on your time and relatively ineffective.  Just control you calorie intake. Lose weight, then get fit. Not the other way round.  I'm not saying "Don't exercise",  just don't use exercise to lose weight.

4. The Chicken is a magic beast for excercise.

When in doubt, choose the chicken dish. Whether that's the egg variety - Omelet, boiled, poached - or the meaty version - wings, breasts ( but perhaps not nuggets). The chicken is a low fat, high protein marvel.

5. Read the label.

Always be looking out for how many calories is in a meal, snack or dish. Two good reasons - first, if you are calorie counting, this knowledge is power.  Second, you'll learn what's good for your diet (low calorie) and what's bad. Yes nuts are protein but they are killers on the calorie front.

Hope you enjoyed the tips. Happy weight loss

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